Frequently Asked Questions About HCG Drops and HCG Diet

HCG drops contain Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. It is a hormone that men and women produce naturally in their body. Pregnant women produce HCG in large amounts, which pregnancy test detects. It is also known as pregnancy hormone for such reason, even though men and ladies who are not pregnant produce them too in trace amounts.

Dr. Simeons developed the HCG diet protocol in the 1950s, and thousands of people have been following it ever since. The diet allows the body to convert the stored fat into energy that it can use. The body will also lose weight in the process.

Today, HCG dieters follow the same principle in the protocol with some help from HCG diet drops or other preparation. It is recommended to seek help from your doctor regarding the right dosage, especially if you are under medication. It is also possible that you might have health issues that could get worse when you incorporate HCG in your diet.

Is it Safe to take HCG?

It is safe to take HCG drops, injections, or other allowed form. Contrary to what some people believe, the HCG (that aids dieters) is processed in a laboratory and not harvested from pregnant women. There were reported cases of side effects, but it is possible that other ingredients in the HCG injections or drops caused the side effects. It is recommended to buy only from reputable vendors or manufacturers. It is also advisable to seek your doctor’s opinion and recommendation before starting any diet program.

Who can take HCG Diet?

HCG DropsMen and women can take HCG diet following a doctor’s recommendation. There are claims that it is also safe for children. But, it is advisable to let a child follow an HCG diet program after his growing years and under strict supervision of a doctor or if a doctor recommends it.

Men will not become effeminate under HCG diet. In fact, a less popular use of HCG is to encourage the growth or maturity of underdeveloped gonads of some boys.

Almost anyone can use the HCG diet – men, women, young, or old, but with some exceptions. People with less than 20 BMI should forget about taking the HCG diet because they don’t really need to lose more weight. Pregnant or nursing women are also prohibited from using the HCG diet program. Individuals under 18 years old are not allowed to undergo HCG diet program. Anyone with serious health issues (like heart disease, liver problems, cancer, type 1 diabetes, or kidney problem) should refrain from taking HCG diet.

Which form of HCG is Best to take?

HCG drops are the best form to take. It is easy and convenient to use the HCG in drop form and cheaper than HCG injection. The drop from of HCG offers the same efficacy as the injection.

Is it Possible to just Follow the HCG Protocol without taking HCG?

You can follow the 500-calorie protocol of HCG diet without taking HCG, but it would be impossible to maintain it for a certain period of time (before you get to the next phase). A diet with lesser calories can make you feel hungry even though you fed your body with the right nutrients. HCG can decrease or prevent symptoms of hunger from occurring, and you won’t feel hunger pangs. Without HCG, you will be tempted to eat and go beyond the 500-calories limit.

Can a Dieter Survive on a 500-Calorie Meal per Day?

As stated earlier, an HCG dieter needs to take HCG injection or drops in order to emerge victorious in her endeavor. Expect that your body will experience some difficulties adjusting to the new diet. After a few days (when your body has finally learned to adapt to your new eating habits) you will notice that you feel full satisfaction in the food you eat. You don’t feel hungry, and your body is fit and healthy.

There will be times when you would still feel hungry, but you can munch on some celery sticks or anything that don’t contain too much calories.

Why are there Controversies?

It is human nature to question anything and everything, even though there are several claims that HCG is an effective weight loss aid, there are also skeptics that believe otherwise. Know that something that works or becomes popular is always involved in a controversy. It is up to you to believe such stories or conduct your own research and investigation to know the truth.

Is it Okay to take HCG during a Menstrual Cycle?

If a woman taking HCG diet program has her period, it is advisable to stop taking HCG. She can resume her HCG consumption when her menstrual period ends.

Also, she may gain higher chances of getting pregnant while on HCG diet.

Not everyone yields the same result – it depends on the dieter’s diligence, patience, and discipline. HCG drops can give you favorable results as long as you follow the HCG protocol religiously.