Different Uses of Challenge Coins

You had probably heard of medals, trophy and certificates as a way of recognizing and appreciating the work of certain individual. This is commonly done in certain organizations to uplift the spirit and boost the morale of the receiver. This also encourages them to be better and work harder with the aim of achieving the goal and succeed in the challenges. Most of the time, awards are also given to armies, policemen and firemen to recognize their sacrifices and efforts in promoting public safety.

However, the use of challenge coins started during World War 1 wherein the use of money was limited. As a way of saying thank you and commemorating the experience and appreciating the success during the war, a lieutenant gives challenge coins to his team. These coins symbolize friendship and value the memories of how they conquered the war.

Primary Use of Challenge Coins

There are people and companies that order customized challenge coins. Most of the time, when companies are in need of challenge coins, the design and the logo is usually related to the slogan and mission vision statement of the company. Some people think that these challenge coins are just for decoration, but these have deeper meaning than what you initially see. Various organizations do not only use the coins for ornamental purpose. These items actually have a serious and deep purpose.  You can check on this website, www.challengecoins4less.com, the availability of the challenge coins you want.
Challenge Coins

The Evolution of Challenge Coins

Wearing a coin has a great purpose. It primarily started in military, which was used by US Air Force to recognize their bravery during the war. On the later part, each department of the law enforcers has their own challenge coins that were represented by their logo. The original challenge coins were customized by the different departments to come up with unique coins that the group can utilize.

These coins have different designs, colors, logos, pictures, backgrounds, graphics and shapes.   Because of this innovation, the purposes of the coins also differ in various organizations. Originally, the purpose of challenge coins in law enforcement is to recognize bravery and courage. However, because of the different customized challenge coins, the purpose gets wider.

The Purpose of Challenge coins

Different organizations also opened the different purposes of challenge coins. These may by a sign of membership, giving of award, a campaign and to recognize an attendance or participation in an important event. However, it does not eliminate the main purpose, which is to uplift the spirit and symbolize bravery and courage.

Custom Coins

Different Groups Using Challenge Coins

NGOs, schools, church and universities use challenge coins to symbolize membership for an important reason. One example of this NGO is a campaign against Aids where people are involved in certain activities to promote awareness. Customizing challenge coins is challenging as well, but you can make the entire process easier with the help of www.challengecoins4less.com. You must think of a design, which is connected to the mission and vision of your organization.

If you are not a professional graphic artist, you will find this thing difficult. Good thing that www.challengecoins4less.com offers free artwork design and free color matching to help you achieve the perfect design, which is suitable for your organization. You can play with various design, colors and text to come up with the best coins perfect for your organization. This company can also deliver challenge coins on time.

Special occasion challenge coins

Aside from making an emblem for law enforcement department, www.challengecoins4less.com also helps customize the items for special occasions. You can even find those that personally created to celebrate a national holiday and any other occasions, such as women’s international day, grandparents’ day, Valentine’s Day and even Christmas.
To promote certain products, companies also use challenge coins to emphasize their upcoming products. This is a good way to promote products because aside from their affordable prices, you also have a guarantee that many people will receive the coins.

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